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June 16, 2006

Ah! Take a break

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Yes, advertising and humor goes well but this does not mean you go away from the logics. In the recent times we have seen quite a few TVC for job sites from Times Group 'peanut ad' and Naukri.com 'hari sadu' which targets job seekers to log on and post resumes.

Both the above concepts though executed differently but has one message 'not happy with your boss/job? try our job site'. Hmmm.. may be it gives the message and if you like such ads you will end-up with a grin. Fair enough.

In the recent news, we have monster.com TVC with another humor based ad (is it so?)

I was just reading the write-up of this from 'the brand reporter' site…

The creative agency behind monster.com ad JWT, Delhi and the creative director 'Arindam Sengupta' says… "The idea behind the TVC was to dramatise how odd people will look if caught in the wrong profession." If other sites merely 'find a job' for you, with an accurate search engine as a starting point, Monster's opportunity lay in 'finding the right job', something which is a powerful motivator for the target audience.

I dont know about you all but i am not convinced with this Ad or for what he is trying to tell the audience. How can anybody be in a wrong profession? a software engineer by default will be a software engineer and not a lawyer or a fisherman, a crickter will be a crickter and not a laundryman unless he is a 'dhobi' to wash clothes when he is not playing cricket… and why will a Bharatanatyam dancer will be controling traffic if she does not have any shows to perform.

Now, someone please make me understand, i am asking you again how can anybody be in a wrong profession? One can be in a wrong place of work and so you ask him to find a better place. The logic should work foremost. And for all the job sites the logic is as simple as to find a better job with the employers and openings listed there.

Read the full article here: http://www.thebrandreporter.com/perl/tbr/afaqs_link.html


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