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May 31, 2006

Expressions Overruled

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I love caricature but i have never learnt the art of how to draw them on paper. In this artwork i had my views on the kind of expressions i was looking for and i produced this with adobe illustrator using mesh controls after breaking the stock image from raster to vector.

If you guys have any links/tutorials/expert advice on how to start working with caricature from step 1 then do share it. thanks in advance.

Would appreciate your feedback on this.


May 22, 2006

The Brand Reporter – Mug Shot Contest

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There was an open design contest by The Brand Reporter and the assignment was to design the coffee mug which will be the subscription gift for there new subscribers to the mag.

I have 2 quick entries for The Brand Reporter Mug Shot contest.

1. Smoke-like-design

The very first idea clicked me was to work on typography and to use it effectively to go with the subject, here its for a happening brand magazine which gives up-to-date reports on brands regularly…. meaning its served hot. The same implies here in my design with the use of typo and adding few facts of coffee which is applied here as the smoke coming out from the brand below (The Brand Reporter).

The user would definately be interested in reading the lines about what is written in this mug, the fonts will be small so they wil have to take it little closer and read.. and yes tilting the mug to read the lines.
MugShot 1

The facts written on this mug are:

# Coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum.
# It takes five years for a coffee tree to reach maturity.
# The word coffee entered English in 1598 via Italian caffè, via Turkish kahve, from Arabic qahwa.
# Coffee is consumed in large part not simply because of taste, but because of the effect it has on those who drink it.
# The world's largest coffee producer is Brazil.
# India on top 10 green coffee producers in the world.
# Latte art or coffee art refers to designs created on the tops of espresso based drinks by a barista.


2. tic-tac-toe

 MugShot 2

On the title end, i tried tweaking the real game title from tic-tac-toe to smile tics . smile tacs . smile toes

On the design end, i have used the computer smileys and the tic-tac-toe game concept… the smiley's in yellow are the winning smileys! and other show their loosing expressions for not winning/smiling. 

May 3, 2006

BarCamp Mumbai

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Presenting the BarCamp Mumbai poster.. wanted to extend the same concept & design of BarCamp Chennai poster for Mumbai (and for any upcoming BarCamp 'any city' this year) and the idea was very clear about using a very mumbai imagery and nothing greater than Gateway of India as the backdrop and for which Mohit of BarCamp Mumbai was really ok to go ahead with this idea.

Click this link to see a better/bigger view of the same: http://static.flickr.com/50/139290385_e076931124_b.jpg 

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